Yvonne Kemp and the south Europe Bison

Yvonne Kemp is a renowned and prestigious dutch biologist, specialized in the study and conservation of European bison. “Bison are big and live in herds” she wrote, “so no doubt they need space, but perhaps what they really need is a fair chance from humans. Fortunately, in the last few years, conservation organisations and land managers have given them just this and welcomed bison to their areas”. 58

“One such exciting endeavour recently took place in the wild Andalusian region of Spain: In autumn 2020, bison from different localities in the species’ stronghold of Poland were released into the private property El Encinarejo, loosely translated to ‘The Oak tree valley’.

The roughly 1,000 hectare fenced finca directly neighbours the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park. Its rolling landscape offers sweeping views over this characteristic Mediterranean treasure that has been one of the prime homelands of the highly endan- gered Iberian lynx. Here, native Stone pine trees alternate with evergreen Holm oaks. There is an abundance of Olive and Strawberry tree.

In summer, the air fills with aromas of Lavender and Rosemary. The fairly open oak canopy gives way to grasslands that try to hug their distinctive.

(NOTE: This is a chapter of the book that we released in online version “Recover the Free: 100 years Bison conservation” as digital download translated into English, which summarises that long and incredible story that prevented the extinction of the most emblematic of the animals that the Spaniards venerated in the cave of Altamira, Candamo or Ekain 12,000 years ago. https://elcarabo.com/producto/100-years-of-bison-conservation/ )

58 See full text of Yvonne Kemp about her experience with the bison at Andalucia in: https://www.mossy.earth/rewilding-knowledge/the-power-of-bison

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