2013, first tarpans to live in big spaces arrived to Spain

In 2013, Claudia Feh, who with the help of Luc Hoffmann in La Villaret, La Camargue, France, developed for 30 years the plan to recover the Tarpan, sent us the first two wild horses for the reserve that was founding in Salgüero de Juarros, the hunting ground for the Atapuerca man, where we promoted one of our breeding centers. The action was reported on 28th March 2013 by the newscast of ‘Castilla y León Television’, that illustrates these post.

After visiting Burgos, Claudia Feh wrote a support letter encouraging the Spanish authorities to give us the permits to started with this words:

As “TAKH Association pour le cheval Przwalski” director (http://www.takh.org), IUCN Species Survival Comission – Equid Specialist Group member, since 1986, working for last 25 years in przwalski horse species conservation and fight against extinction hereby I wuould like to present considerations below: 

(…) I consider developing one przwalski breeding area in those prospected places in Atapuerca surroundings as very important for this species Conservation Strategy, and even more if this project future is add more areas to this species breeding and living .

For IUCN conservation work in this species is very important to decentralize breeding units in different suitable places in Europe to avoid problems if one of existing centers have sanitary problems and looses population. 

Also I hope that all new breeding center un Burgos will be involved not only in breeding but also will serve for research. There is a need of research on przwalski horses biology, also in new environments, so we believe Atapuerca surroundings may produce very interesting data about habitat use, feeding ecology, seasonal and daily activity rhythms, reproduction and development. 

Claudia Feh 

Project director and Vice-president, Association pour le cheval de Przewalski 



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