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Cinematographic movement in rock art

“I was amazed at primitive man’s photographic ability of his retina to decompose movement, to retain the most unusual postures of animals, as the modern man’s eye can no longer do.”“The man from Altamira, the Magdalenian hunter, perfectly captured the posture of the animals as can only be captured today with the help of high-speed […]

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Paleolithic man was all spirit

“It is a bit difficult for us to interpret what the Paleolithic man, the ancient man, who was a hunter, fisherman and gatherer of spontaneous fruits, who had not discovered livestock or agriculture, was looking for.”Ancient man lived far above materialism.“It would be a bit difficult to interpret, from a purely material, purely consumer, purely

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Nora’s blog

Hello, welcome to the blog of this paleolithic gatherer hunter woman. Rodríguez de la Fuente, temporary substitute for Nora Yes, this is the travelogue of Nora, a Spanish hunter-gatherer, born in Altamira 13,233 years ago, who acts as a guide on this trip. But, like the rest of the members of this expedition, Nora needs

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