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Where exactly?

We are nomads. We are everywhere. Today here, tomorrow there. We never push the same territory more than we should. Sometimes we will be 14,000 years away and other times in the present or peeking into the future. A journey through time, rather than space, to recover the free spirit of the wild.

Our journey


We recover extinct species or their feral equivalent. See +info


We follow the fauna by tracking, camera traps, drones and gps collars. See +info


We transfer what we see and feel on the Internet so that you can join us. See +info

Join WILD on the Internet

Get ready to join us on the Internet to travel to the past and to the future. Follow us on this blog and on our social networks.

We traveled in space and time. We go back 10,000 years ago and to the present, accompanying the returning Paleolithic. They give us the opportunity to recover the wildlife in this area of Europe called Magdalenia, which has always been the great refuge for the free. More: +info

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